My Mission & Me

I am an artistic adventurer, dream encourager, passionate hugger and lover of life. Growing up in a Kansas farm town  I couldn’t wait to get out. So I did what I thought I was supposed to do and went into the corporate world. Feeling like I needed more purpose, I eventually decided to move into the non-profit realm. It didn’t take long to realize that I was working countless hours to pursue someone else’s dreams and not my own.


Using my business and marketing skills, I wrote a proposal for an artist residency in Hungary. To my surprise, I was accepted! I spent the next year traveling around the world, creating with international artists, helping others market their own work; living completely and fully in the moment.

Life soon threw me a curve ball when I ended up pregnant with my son. Pregnant, without a job, home, or roots; I desperately started looking for work. As it turns out, getting a job while pregnant isn’t as easy as you’d think. With no options left, I turned inward and opened an art studio and focused supporting my son and myself. It was a sink or swim situation, but, my only option was to swim.

Today I live in Kansas City with my amazing four year old son, who I’ve been fortunate to raise in an art studio. Not only developing my dream but finding new dreams, raising my son the way I want to and giving him every opportunity to create and grow.

It’s not easy, but it has been as fulfilling as it has been challenging. I am constantly asked by artists for advice, help, and guidance on how to market their ideas, so I have once again started helping artist (anyone with a dream, idea, or passion) figure out how to work closer towards their goals.With this blog, I hope to bring you helpful bits of marketing knowledge, inspiration, and encouragement to live your authentic life.


2 Responses to My Mission & Me

  1. This is quite amazing. I can’t even imagine doing all of that, especially while raising a child 0_o.

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