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Who do you say you are?

On a recent vacation, I met a woman in a small roadside local artist gallery in a tourist town. She was the owner and greeted me when I came in. Her greeting quickly launched into a rehearsed speech about how … Continue reading

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Make Facebook hashtags work for you

Facebook has recently introduced a feature that many other social media have been using for a while. I’m talking about hashtags. Hashtags are words that start with the # symbol. Hashtags help to engage with others and explore content that … Continue reading

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What if I told you I could find you 91.25 extra hours per year

I don’t have time. This is the statement I catch myself saying when I’m overwhelmed or look at my to-do list. It’s the excuse I use when I don’t want to do something. And honestly, if you look at my … Continue reading

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If I can’t find you, I won’t look for you

I was recently at an art show where I bought a piece of art. I believe in artists and in promoting them. I was so excited about my new art I planned to promote the artist on my social media … Continue reading

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You don’t have to be a salesman

I recently participated in of an art festival. The weather and the setting were perfect. This was my first time participating in this particular show so I had few expectations (but high hopes)! As attendees browsed, I smiled and engaged … Continue reading

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My Mission and Me

I am an artistic adventurer, dream encourager, passionate hugger and lover of life. Growing up in a Kansas farm town  I couldn’t wait to get out. So I did what I thought I was supposed to do and went into the corporate world. … Continue reading

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